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Merlion Adventure

【Merlion Adventure 2】iOS: Release Information 1.2.0

[Merlion Adventure 2 AR]
This release includes all functions as new release.

Link Information:

App Store:

【Merlion Adventure】iOS: Release Information 1.3.0


This release is included following modifications.
- Fixed the some bugs.

【Merlion Adventure 2】Android: Release Information 1.1.4


This release includes following modifications.

 - Apply 64 bit and AAB file Google required
 (The file size of this app become very smaller than before.)

Link Information:

Google Play:


【Game】「Merlion Adventure 2 AR」のAR機能のデモムービー

かなり前の話になりますが、今年1月に Google Play からリリースしたMerlion Adventure 2 AR、このAR機能部分の デモムービー を作成しました。


この「Merlion Adventure 2 AR」、台湾で行われた Taipei Game Show や、日本でのAR関連のイベントで多くの方に説明させて頂きました。

【Merlion Adventure 2】Link Information



【iOS】 free!

【AR Demo Movie】


【Merlion Adventure】Android: Release Information 1.2.2


This release is included following modifications.
- Fixed the bug about white screen for Android 8

【Merlion Adventure】iOS: Release Information 1.2.1

This release is included following modifications.

- Added Level Status screen
- Added some useful functions
- Fixed some bugs
- Changed Ads

This version is included many new functions, especially Level Status screen is very convenient.
You can know which level have been cleared, how many and which enemies you defeated, and your playing historical details are shown there. In addition, from this screen, directly you can go to the stage which are not completed.


Please re-try !!
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